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We are developing this site to provide you some insights into the business uses of qbasic. There are many things you will enjoy doing, and hope you will contribute back with some of your programs or adaptations.

1. Business Programs.There will be code on these business programs and notes on how to use. For starters try "what's new". Here you will find our -new--and free-- email sweeper which sells for hundred of dollars $$$ elsewhere. Believe it!

2. Here is home of the famous "You beat it, you keep it" game. And there are direct links to download 1000 games. See "fun stuff". Bookmark this as you will find out we pay you to upload your program. How's that..?

3. There are lots of other downloads and files at "work stuff" for you to use, in convient zip packs.. See them by name clicking "work stuff".

4. There are links to lots of other qbasic sites. See "resources and links" for one of the most comprehensive lists on the net of qbasic and other internet things; top 50, etc.

5."newsletter" is our forum page, which links to one of the best in qbasic around. Here you can ask questions and find real answers in a day or so. Here you can help with your answers. We are including a link or list of newsgroups, which are much the same. Get in on this by clicking on "newletter" see it, to your right?.

6. Upload you programs for permanent display here as our "friends". This will allow you to fill out the form, and it will take the file from your machine and put it on our server, so you can share with your "friends". See this new and easy way to get your programs on the internet.

7. We have a new use for napster.. See our "music" proposal. This will allow you to share your qbasic files with others. BRAND NEW.

8. "Resume" is for help job searching or to see what others are doing in that respect.

9. "products and services" is a recap of the things you will find on our site. perhaps you missed it, so have a look in this file.

10. "family" is where we have put our associations with top 100- top50 and other links to these groups. We are part of the internet family of qbasic.

Tell your friends and family of this site, and that with the new more powerful computers, you can do it faster and easier in qbasic.

Last Updated: Feb 15,2002

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Look inside each of the above. qbasic rules the internet!