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Here are some of our downloads and their description and a rating

hangman here is the traditonal hangman game rate 3

typewriter line at a time writer and letter by letter must see rate 4 here is an address book to beat all. rate 3 fill those 3 col n&a labels use address book rate 3 this is a good running version rate 3

And here is the inside deal for our friends. If you will upload your programs to our files, we will pay you $1 for each upload you do. No bogus program, or any crap. You are sharing with your friends and we need you as one of our submitters to become part of this program; click to "friends", and fill out the upload form and you are part of friends. You can tell all your buddies your programs are up on the internet. We will contact you when your account reaches $10 and ask if you want payment. .

Last Updated: February 19,2002

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