Upload you programs for permanent display here as our "friends". Our special form will take the file from your machine and put it on our server, so you can share with your "friends". This new and easy way to get your programs on the internet. You can brag to you friends and family that your program is up on the net.

show me how to put my program up Click here and follow the instructions. Even if you do not do it all perfect, we will send our bot along to help fix it up later.

Anybody can do it. Once you put it up on the server, with the correct name on it, our bot will take it to where uploads go, and vola, it should match to what file name you put here.

When you post up ten we will be contacting you to pay you $10, so be sure that email is right and the same, each time.

SHOW ME THOSE 1000 PROGRAMS--ok click hereYou can upload any program herein by clicking or double clicking on the file number:""

Last Updated: february 19,2002

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