We are working on our adaptation of Napster to the opportunity to distribute qbasic files in this manner. We think it is appropriate to games, where the type and names are somewhat known. It is especially useful where you view the games your counterpart has on his machine, for offer, and he views the ones you are trading. It may be useful for some other aspect of qbasic. Stay tuned. We will be posting here the location of our server and you will need only go there and enter your wants, like the game you want, and it will pop up.

What do you think of the idea?


Would you participate in trading qbasic files of games,etc?

Please vote in the poll. Thank you.

My vote:
Yes, I might every now and then
yea, ok
no, get mine from the sites
no, I just want one or two and will pay
no, never
Let me view only the poll results.
Voting automatically gives results to you. .

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