Fun Stuff

YOU BEAT IT, YOU KEEP IT! Our coding is so exceptional in this program that you will not beat our game, by any honest means. If you think you can do a simple game of 9 squares, and are good, then give it a try.

What you are too afraid to try. The game is tic tac toe. Now you know that you can do that. The only problem is we have developed such a good algorythym than it can beat you.. See what precision is about.. Download it. if you beat it, it will automatically stay alive. Otherwise in one month it will die and not work any more.

Here is the download.

you beat it you keep it

Here are some other downloads and their description and a rating

hangman here is the traditonal hangman game rate= 3 this is a classic rate =3

And now for the kicker. You read it right. We will pay you to upload your program into our collection. Many of your friends have and many of my friends have. Earn yourself $1 per upload. We keep track of it and will pay you off at over $10. click to "work stuff" and earn a buck.

Last Updated: February 19,2002

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