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The email sweeper program is our latest creation. Here is a useful utility, that some companies sell for hundreds of dollars on the web. With it you can sweep all the emails from a file, into another file. What for? Well sometimes your emailer needs them in a certain form for doing. In that case you just feed the file they are on now, and it will put them in the right form for feeding into your present emailer, or a more commercial variety. It will also consolidate all of them together so you can do one big emailing.

To promote your business or friends, there may be a site that has all the emails of the students on it, but you are too lazy to copy them into your address book. This will do it for you in a matter of seconds. Here's how.. You download or get the file in one folder with the "email sweeper". To do that just click file/save and it will ask where. Then you fire up your sweeper and feed the file name into it, and qadash!! you get a new file of names from your sweeper.

If you want you can go commercial, as this gadget will chew up as many as you can find files to feed it. I have seen it take a thousand off in about 15 seconds.

To download click here.



I just got this really cool Web Site. Can you imagine me at http://supercomputer.at/qbasic101 and it's awesome!

Now my web site looks professional, cool, and clean. Do you like it? And how about that nic? rocks! worth a million bucks!

Jan ,2002

Today I got my new computer!

It's 1.500ghz and has 4 Terabytes of memory. ( almost)

Now I can handle all those files. And what that does for qbasic is just unbelieveable. Just yesterday I ran one of my qbasic statistic based programs and it did 10,000 samples in about one minute.

Last Updated:Feb 2002

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