How do you split a 16 bit number into a 8 bit number? How do you write to the parallel port? How to you print labels? How do you read the rs232 port? How do you do levels? I have this game making question? How to get maximum outof harddrive? How to work with time? What are the FAQ in qbasic? ************and hundreds of others*********Will I max out my memory? Do I need to worry that writing to my hard drive is slow?

Do you have questions, like the above, which are on your mind? On our ticker tape, are just a few of the questions, which were just asked and answered. Then go to the best forum, for your answer. We do this so as to keep the experts, and the questions together. If we did just our site, it would not have as many experts, nor as many questions answered. So we are sending you to the best forum, where all the questions go, and all the answers are given.

Please mark your favorites, or bookmark, so you can come back here for some other stuff. Click here to find an answer to your question.

answer to your questions

We are consider one other forum and may put it up here next time.

Here are some newsgroups. They are very much the same as forums, in that they are there so you ask question, and someone having an answer can post it.

more next time so check back...

Last Updated: February 19,2002

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