Calendar & Events

This is set aside for big trade shows and small trade shows and computer events, in your area. If you would like to see your group have something up here, email us and we may put it up.

There are monthly COMPUTER CLUBS which meet at places like the liabrary. And you can go and pick up a few books on programming. It is a great resource. Ours, Las Vegas P C Users Group meet at Clark county Liabrary on the 2nd wednesday,of every month.

Every month, in one of our convention centers, there is a group of VENDORS who hold a show, and sell some of their overstock. Some guys just make a living selling for a little less, and catering to the gamers. Ours meets at Cashman center. Ours meets at the last week end of the month, friday, saturday and sunday. Look in above click for more details.

National computer shows are all over. Ours is a biggie, but costs loads to go to. Ours is Comdex fall 2002, November 18-22.

Here is some more on shows.

and you could not get without having this one here. on security and hacking.

Last Updated:February 19,2002

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