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Dear Friends and Judson Alumni, It with much saddness that I wish to inform you that my Daddy and your Director of Judson School passed away early Saturday morning on April 28, 2007. Tentatively, there will be a service at St Barnabas Church across the street from where Judson used to stand, sometime towards the end of May. This service will be for the students of Judson who Henry so dearly loved and who were the joy of his life.
Most sincerely, Consie Wick Stobs

Dear Friends and family and Judson alumni, I would like to invite you to attend services in honor of Henry Wick III at St . Barnabas church across from where Judson was (6751 Mockingbird ln, Scottsdale 85253) on Saturday May12,2007 at 4pm sharp. In lieu of flowers: Henry C. Wick memorial Fund for spinal cord injuries. Phoenix Children's Hospital Foundation, 2929 E. Camelback rd. Phoenix, az. 85016 There will be a Judson reunion at our house following services. Condolence or further for me at nycaaz@aol.com Barbara Wick Mrs. Henry C. Wick III 6601 Indian Bend rd. Scottsdale, Az 85253

follow the link to an obituary on the late Henry C. Wick III

follow the link to recollections on Wick wake

REUNION THROUGH THE AGES By Ron Fried, Alumni Chair The Judson 70th Anniversary and Salute to Henry was a tremendous success. The festivities started out on Friday with the anticipation of only 150 people pre-registered. It turned out to become an overwhelming 250 plus in attendance. As the band played on, the bar lines seemed to grow by leaps and bounds! Steve Fleming('57), our own Judson Foundation President was seen behind the bar assisting bartenders to avoid the overwhelming lines. It was quoted by the bartender "You can be my wing man anytime!!" The party stayed strong and ended (at Judson) around midnight. The die-hard Judsonites were seen out till 5:00 a.m. said class rep, April Yonker-Swartz ('82), who witnessed first hand. Saturday 8:30 a.m. tee-time set to be no problem for the 20 pre-registered Golfers. As 36 turned up the McCormick Ranch Golf Course was able to get all 36 players on the course. In a stylnicic fashion. class rep, Mark Field ('68) showed up to play golf, but actually, it is believed that he was lost; looking for his room The non golfers spent the day at Judson, where Zandy Wick ('91) helped class rep, Hilary McVay ('91) host the pool party . The food and drinks were in abundance. It was told by Hilary that someone actually snuck beer on campus! Saturday night was the Salute to Henry C. Wick III. As Beth Richards-Loshbough ('66) spent her weeks prior in preparing the decorations for the entire weekend. It was evident that all her hard work paid off, as the setting was nothing but PERFECT. Lisa Medoff-Stickney ('71) didn't miss a beat in devoting her energy all day Saturday with hectic last minute details. The Radisson Hotel, prepared for seating 175 Judsonites, had us in hysteria for a few moments until they were able to confirm the fact that they would be able to seat and serve all 225 of us! The evening was one not to miss. Sentimental heart-moving speeches were given by Taffy Durant and David Lewis. Excerpts from letters received from alum's Robert Stackler ('49), David Bridge ('54) and David Lincoln ('42) were read by Judson Foundation Board Member, Marcy Scott which described some of Henry's attributes, love, respect and devotion Henry had given to each. Henry had a smile from ear to ear! The evening highlight was the emotional thank you speech by Henry's wife, Barbara. There wasn't a dry eye in the house. Spouses that had never met Henry were crying! The final applaud for Henry's 60 years of dedication to Judson School lasted well into the night. Alumni from the Class of '51 through the Class of '97 were present. Class reps, Holly Levison ('73) and Toni Pontes-Dhuyvetter ('74) devoted the classes of the styling 70'sturned out the most impressive numbers . Class reps Nicole Williams-Lynn ('87) and Renee Williams ('88) had their class years '86-'89 closing down the night. According to Hotel staff, there were no less than 15 women at any given time "just talking" and smoking in the "Powder Room". Alum, Nancy Oakman Winship ('72), aka Judson lower school principal, was busy enforcing Judson's new "no smoking policy". Suzy Barnes-Johnson ('81) . And the early 80's helped host their tequila sunrise party at 6 am Sunday morning Dave Beck , Candy Scott, Michael Stozier, Scott Becko, and Mary Henselman, have not been seen since. Sunday morning came much too soon! As the weekend came to an end, the farewell breakfast, along with the Judson Foundation Annual Alumni Meeting was held in the Judson School cafeteria. Everyone wore their terrific 70th Anniversary/Alumni T-shirts which were designed by Alyssa Wick and Barbara Wick. At the Wicks' home where there is always an open door policy, it was standing room only as the '70s piled in to bid farewell. A warm final touch to an exiting weekend. Henry has had a smile ever since.

Here's the chairmans latest---..

Dear Alumni, I have been hard at work, on my third million.

I think we are making a great leap into the INFORMATION age here, with the Alumni page, and will appreciate your supporting it however you can. It does have upkeep costs, and need for typing, formating and editors. I am hoping to expand it into having four -ten year- groups, so we have at least four letters up telling us about what is going on in your lives.

I am so happy that Judson got a good deal on their facilities. It will enable them to go forward with their new enterprize, and lives. Hank learned those negoiating skills at Judson from Henry. Anyway, I want to thank them all out at Judson for the way they have integrated alumni into events, and always find room at a lunch table, should you drop by mid year. They tell me you are always welcome, all year round, and that is what they do. I want to thank the helpers your class contacts, and especially for last year,and my ever loving and ever faithful wife without which I would not get as much done as needs getting done. We have already made reservation for a block of rooms at a local hotel. Write us or email, as it is on special prices, although you can get a good deal anywhere during that time of year.

Now finally I must ask that you pledge me to invite yourself and your very best friend. If every graduating year has five people, we will have a great crowd. There are usually ten people or more from each celebrating year which are ten, and twenty, and maybe, ok thirty or more years from your graduation. So 1990 and 1980 are on special notice. That will be more than 300 and we can for sure have a good party judson style with 00.

See you there. Yours truly, Ron Fried.

Chairman, Judson Alumni association

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