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Our main product is friendship. We also have a good bit of nostalgia. And perhaps a fondness for romance. All of this is what you will find at your reunion. We all ask that you join us and guarantee you will have a good time. Even those of you who feel they were a bit of a wall flower, come and enjoy your newfound maturity.

I have been to a lot of reunions, professional--college--fraternity--graduate school, and for a lot of different years, but NONE are as good as the Judson one done in the beautiful Arizona desert at that time of the year.

Services? We have a new space age internet information page, and a new psycho mechanism ( classified) which we can wisk you back ten years, and put you in charge of your life at that time.

Use the link to the following form, to send us your name and address and email. go to name and address form , then come back here and read more about your friend.

More to come in form of FAQ added here.

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