Michelson’s newesy new letter..for the reunion 2000.

This was a big deal reunion, as the school was closing, and we would not have the site to come back to or school organization to view or back bone our alumni organization. Where are we going we all wondered? Many came; this year it was a major turnout with over 1000 people from the fifty or so years. Almost too many, and surely for this writer, requiring a modified approach.

Bart Simpson, the editor herein, put me on notice that he was not going to edit endless drivel this time, about this new found romance or that flame still lit. Too many, he said. You just stay on top of your groups writeable doings, and observe the other doings. Ok Bart. I’ve slowed on the participate method of writing, which was not so for Consie who Friday night got a bit silly, or Dan who started there and made it to obnoxious. Suzy Smart is claiming Harvey Smith is still goosing the girls. While younger brother Steve is staying fit over in Vegas.

Oh well, many were mouth dropping to see me back from a sojourn overseas consulting for 7 years. And Herberger, not mentioning the first name so all can confuse, has found time to revel in their dominance of the local scene. See mogul click on resources of this site. They were NOT to be outdone by Wick’s, as Kent shows how adept at glad-handing the "local pols" he still was during the actual 2000 graduation ceremony the week before, by orchestrating the turnout of the Senator, and local celebrity, ambassadors, etc. in the audience. Still, that doesn’t make me happy that some insane local ordinance forbidding balloon liftoff within the city put the quash on my project for the final liftoff from Judson school—a balloon scheduled to depart Sunday morning. I blame that on Kent. Next project is a space ship lift off to be done from Sedona where Nancy Vandergrif is spiritualizing.

The mouth opener was Barb, who was back from the soggy northwest, and has taken up again (old flames) with Mike Watt, ardent reunion no show. That’s our own Barb. Susie showing her popularity, by her cell phone activity, was made the butt of a joke when someone obtained her number, and repeatedly phoned her from the end of the table. Of course, she imagined it was her busy schedule.. And Baker using his sardonic humor insists that Mohl was trying to hotwire the tractor, while Apple left the apple graffiti on the Judson Tower. Eddie Zeeman remembered to well and too many things, even though now is "George Zeeman" and most remember a different person. He did tell about his sister, Edie, as did I and loads of others. Judson was a family place and most, myself included, had a story to tell about their sister. Mine, Jackie, was in Russia teaching the daughter how to do Europe. And Ricky (ex black Pontiac drag racer) continues to polish his lawyering fame almost as much as that black Pontiac of old, and improve a too good tennis game. While Phil showing up in tux, was hyper overdressed. Andy Harris, another big SAT scorer, gave us the intellectual once over. Bill Koehler found a seat on the local airline in and managed to chat with Sandlin about how it is flying in the skies using the all glass rather than the steam dials. Bill at almost is on top of the food chain in the airline industry which at the time was in the news focus for just having done a mega merger. No salary drop for that fellow. Michele is promising to get working on her email, while claiming, but nothing is coming of having done it. She’s wondering but Jane is doing, now having mastered the technique of group mailings and looking to move on to even more techie stuff.

Master of the name change, Lisa, who even her sister, Nancy forgets to call Lisa, is doing real estate in the fastest growing suburb in the north. Toni, a regular, dressed western. Some things never change. And Shelly touched based with everyone. We had Kendra and Jessie and several other original girls, for those doing once upon a time. Sherry Raskin seem too mellow, while Stimpson, always the survivor has survived years of teaching. I told Bob Gunkel that I was still applying the physics he taught me when, I passed the scuba tests without much study, as it was all elementary physics. Ms Stone, and Dr. Alvarez would be proud of having a consultant in South America who they taught his basic Spanish. While some came here speaking Spanish, and learning English, I did not see any of them at the reunion, while myself, Eddie Zeeman, Mohlman, Baker and lots of others were doing Spanish well. Perhaps it was a trip or two to Mexico which helped our learning. Dave Wick even put in a show. Perhaps those wanting a boarding school will go to his now that Judson has closed.

However, no smile was as big as those of Hank and Consie Wick, who likely had seen a lot of good effort in negotiating the sale, turnout good for everyone. This was the feature that attracted thousands of Judson Alumni back to the beautiful setting in Paradise Valley which will be no more. Next year when you drive by, it will likely be a lot of new homes. Up on the hill will be Henry with his sign still on the door, hoping for an alumni to stop by, but missing the pitter patter of the endless students that have passed his way.