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Music. It's the universal language.Lets try in four groups 2000, for latest. Then 1990 and yea 1980 perhaps someone heard 1970 and before.

2000 Ricky Martin, Back street boys, Spice girls.

1990 Mariah Carey, Eric Clampton,

1980 Madona, Michael Jackson,

1970 Beatles, Elvis, Little Richard

Speak loudly here. Ok, it will be a few weeks or months, while we get a response from you Hollywood alumni in the music business by email. Send me your version of what I should put up, including song by song, and I will put it up and arrange for the party to have it, if I can. I am a bit of a dolt on music, and a few other things but not computers or web pages.....yea, i speak geek.

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