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What's new with my sister? Since so many of us were at Judson in family units i.e. we had a brother or a sister which were in the school, I decided to include some information on the other one. If you will send us something on your sister, (or brother) I will put it up..

by Doug Michelson--Jackie 63' is busy building onto her house in the middle of the Prescott forest. She is enjoying spending a lot more of her time up there, and having holiday meetings there. email her jackie

by Steve Smith--Sally 59'is still in California. She stays busy doing...email me for her.sally

by Hank Wick--Consie 59' is shopping for much more elaborate clothes. email her consie

by Jane Evans--Jessie 57'is here in Arizona enjoying the Arizona winters; email her jessie

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Last Updated: November 1st, 1998