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2/28/10 planning reunion cruise or in Scottsdale especially for those graduating in years 1970,80,90,00. see pictures for last reunion June 21,2008.

Finished reuion 3/5/06 which was a big success see whats new and pictures.

2/28/08 planning reunion in Scottsdale especially for those graduating in years 1968,78,88,98.

Finished reuion 3/5/06 which was a big success see whats new and pictures.

2005 Possible short cruise with alumni group--call a friend and plan to meet them on board the Judson Cruiser

2004-Reunion week end in Scottsdale was a big success. We had Friday at Los Olivas, sat BBQ picnic at the Park and Imposter show in the eveing at PIMA Casino. See the many pictures and write up on details. 2002 planing to keep Judson Alumni organization together with meeting on board a cruise ship. --July 2001--revised calendar so latest news is first. Updated site. --FOLLOWING IS OUR SPECIAL CRUISE ARTICLE AND POLL. NEW! SO PLEASE GIVE IT A READ.. "Where do we want to go on the next Judson Cruise reunion? I have set up 3 suggested destinations, and this will take you there to read about them. Your own fellow Judson alumni wrote the articles. You can trust them. Click here to go there and read"
JUNE-JULY- August Most important happenings are to see the various pictures which were taken at the June 3, 2000 REUNION which had a record turnout over 1000 people. below are links to the various picture for the various years. have fun.

1950-60 thanks to doug michelson and others

1950-60 thanks to Ben Baker and others

classes 63-66 thanks to pam grey and others

classes 60-64 thanks to everet batey and others

1980-90 thanks to april yonker-swartz and others<

1990-99 thanks to hilary mcvey and others<

September-December Contacting old friends, and remember to send them a Christmas/Chanukah card. If we can, we may have that xmas card project, and likely surely for email. It is important to get us your email now, and volunteer to help.

December-June contacting your group leader to find out where everyone will be for the next reunion June 2001

Planning for a CRUISE REUNION. Please give us your opinion by email at the services menu, by voting on the clicker there for this EVENT and for where we should go on the cruise..See services menu. THIS IS YOUR CALENDAR AS WELL, SO SEND SOMETHING, SO SIMPLE AS, PAM AND SAM ARE MEETING FOR LUNCH IN LOS ANGELES ON JANUARY 5, 2001.. and if humanly possible we will put it up.

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