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THE ESSENCE THAT IS JUDSON WILL NEVER DIE… By Barbara Wick - on behalf of Henry, Alyssa, Alexander and Ginny To all our beloved Alumni, the world over, Henry and I always knew that we were the luckiest people in the world to live and work at Judson. Now we are the saddest. Our international community spans every country in the world. In order to survive this unbearable loss, I find comfort in the fact that Judson spirit will forever live in its over 15,000 graduates. I know that the greatness of Judson, its proud history, high standards and beautiful dreams will always exist. Our beloved students, alumni and staff are living proof. Please know that Reunions will continue, friendships will remain and grow. Memories can never fade. The essence that is Judson will never die. With continuing love and gratitude for all you mean to us - YOU ARE INVITED TO ATTEND REUNION '00 to be held on June 3, 2000 at 6:30 p.m. at the Judson School Campus. There will be a live band, open bar (more than one this time!) and food.. . Hay rides and much, much more… REUNION '00 Visions and Reflections JUNE 3, 2000 Please join us in this historic event. This may be the last time since 1928 that we can all walk the grounds we once called home. The excitement of this event is incredible! This reunion is going to bring all of us: Alumni, Non-Graduating Alumni, Faculty, Family and Friends together to celebrate this span of the "Judson experience". We are celebrating not only the first milestone of our younger years, but Judson's continued spirit into the new millennium!! It's ALL YEARS, representing the Judson Experience from one century to a new beginning. What really is going to make this reunion so grand is the participation of all the alumni to push this special event evening into Judson Reunion History. We are grateful for the classmates who will volunteer themselves - THE CLASS REPRESENTATIVES, and the hard work, time and dedication from these alumni who will so graciously commit themselves for the benefit of us all. It's their willingness to keep communications strong that ensures that everyone possible if informed. The fact that your class is represented will make the reunion the most successful, largest celebration in Judson History. "The Judson Experience" lives on…into the new millennium. On the back side of this newsletter is a list of Class Representatives who are gathering information and organizing the details of the reunion evening event. They will continue to try and reach each and every one of you to further guarantee an exciting, event-full, successful reunion. Please keep your Class Representative informed. The alumni office will help you in any way possible to put in contact with your classmates. If you would like to become a class representative please contact Ron or Marcie at JUDSON ALUMNI OFFICE: 480-367-9090. The Judson Foundation is proud to announce the creation of the Judson Alumni and Judson Foundation web-site. Currently under construction, this interactive web-site will offer alumni information, upcoming events and the latest information about saving the "Judson Legacy". The web site will be accessible January 10, 2000. Other contact numbers: Telephone: 480-367-9090 Fax: 480-367-9191

JUDSON FOUNDATION NEWS By Marcie Terp The Judson Foundation's Board of Trustees is charged with the responsibility of guiding the developmental activities and implementation of the Foundation's scholarship and alumni programs. Board members include a cross-section of constituencies representative of Judson that include alumni, parents and others and is a separate entity from Judson School. Beginning with the Board of Trustees first meeting in January, 1995, the Judson Foundation continues to grow and enrich the Judson Experience. The highlight events over the past year include The Judson Foundation and Judson Alumni Association organizing an All Ages Alumni Reunion. As Judson School entered its' 70th year of education, the Judson Foundation hosted a Salute to Henry C. Wick, III dinner during Reunion Weekend in June of 1998. In October 1998 The Judson Foundation hosted a successful Dinner/Auction at Monterra Restaurant at Westworld. This event, which focused on the parents, successfully brought attention and future interest from parents and faculty to the growth of the Foundation. These fundraising efforts enabled The Judson Foundation to award $5,000 in scholarships to deserving Judson students for the 1998/1999 school year, and $3,000 in scholarships for the 1999/2000 school year. $10,000 for new playground equipment, and $4000 for new computers at Judson School. In May, 1999, Judson's 5th Annual Senior/Alumni Breakfast was held. Setting a further precedent, seniors were inducted into the Alumni Association helping to assure their future interest and participation in Judson alumni affairs. During the May 22, 1999 graduation ceremony, a special Judson Foundation award will be presented to the senior student who had contributed the most to the Judson student community during the past year. These May events are scheduled for the graduating class of 2000. Currently in development is the Judson Foundation Web-Site that will insure all possible efforts in the continued growth and future success of the Judson Alumni and Foundation. A reunion evening is scheduled for June 3, 2000.

FROM THE HEADMASTER Dennis P. Gray Calls and e-mails have arrived from all corners of the globe, asking "Is it true?" So, apparently, have alum networks and connections been abuzz. It's been a time of disbelief and dismay for many people. But something else is happening, too. Those of us at Judson, many of you, and an energetic group of "can-do" current parents, have reaffirmed that "The Judson Experience" is worth preserving. I know that it is the experiences you shared with each other and with the faculty and staff on campus that really count. And no taking away of a single piece of land or a building, erases good memories. Surely, though, there is value in having a place to visit in years to come that displays Judson memorabilia, embodies the best of the Judson that was, employs the same caliber people and tries to replicate the best of the experience for a new generation of students. You'll hear more about these efforts in coming months. In the mean-time….thanks for your messages. We are looking forward to welcoming many warmly remembered faces back on campus the weekend of June 3. to see more click on "product and Services"

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Last Updated: November 1st, 1998